Energy Storage

Energy Storage

Gerard M Crawley


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The subject of energy storage is extremely important for the increased utilization of renewable energies such as solar and wind energy in times when their sources (e.g. the sun and wind) are unavailable. The ability to store energy can also level out the demand curve for electricity and thus lead to a decrease in the peak requirements of energy production. A storage system for ground transportation is also important as a potential replacement for fossil fuel powered transportation.

Energy Storage offers a comprehensive look at the possible approaches to energy storage, which are relevant to various situations; from smoothing demand in electrical energy production, applications of energy storage, to transportation. The book covers a variety of approaches to the storage of energy. Beginning with a discussion of the critical importance of energy storage, the book discusses various possible storage options including hydro storage, compressed air energy storage, and electrical and chemical storage in batteries, capacitors and fuel cells. There is also a chapter on the mechanical storage of energy with flywheels using advanced materials. The various applications to power production and transportation are also included. The expertise and active involvement of the authors of the various chapters ensures that the information is reliable, current, and forward looking.

  • The Importance of Energy Storage (Anna Stoppato and Alberto Benato)
  • Pumped-Storage Hydropower Plants: The New Generation (Giovanna Cavazzini, Juan I Pérez-Díaz, Francisco Blázquez, Carlos Platero, Jesús Fraile-Ardanuy, José A Sánchez and Manuel Chazarra)
  • Compressed Air Energy Storage (Jihong Wang, Xing Luo, Christopher Krupke and Mark Dooner)
  • Batteries for Energy Storage (Paul A Connor)
  • Capacitive Energy Storage (Wentian Gu, Lu Wei and Gleb Yushin)
  • Fuel Cells and the Hydrogen Economy (John T S Irvine, Gael P G Corre and Xiaoxiang Xu)
  • Flywheels (Donald Bender)

Readership: Graduate students, researchers and professionals in fields related to, and or dealing with issues pertaining to energy studies/research, electrical and electronic engineering.
Pumped Hydro Energy Storage;Compressed Air Energy Storage;Batteries;Capacitors;Fuel Cells: The Hydrogen Economy;FlywheelsKey Features:
  • This is a comprehensive look at the possible approaches to energy storage which are relevant to various situations including needed storage for renewable resources like solar and wind, plus smoothing demand in electrical energy production as well as applications of energy storage to transportation
  • The expertise of the authors of the various chapters ensures that the information is reliable
  • The information presented is current and forward looking because the authors are actively involved in the technologies discussed in the various chapters