Mathematical Biology And Biological Physics

Mathematical Biology And Biological Physics

Rubem P Mondaini


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This is a book on interdisciplinary topics of the Mathematical and Biological Sciences. The treatment is both pedagogical and advanced in order to motivate research students as well as to fulfill the requirements of professional practitioners. There are comprehensive reviews written by senior experts on the important problems of growth and agglomeration in biology, on the algebraic modelling of the genetic code and on multi-step biochemical pathways.

There are new results on the state of the art research in the pattern recognition of probability distribution of amino acids, on somitogenesis through reaction-diffusion models, on the mathematical modelling of infectious diseases, on the biophysical modelling of physiological disorders, on the sensitive analysis of parameters of malaria models, on the stability and hopf bifurcation of ecological and epidemiological models, on the viral infection of bee colonies and on the structure and motion of proteins. All these contributions are also strongly recommended to professionals from other scientific areas aiming to work on these interdisciplinary fields.

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  • Editorial Board of the BIOMAT Consortium
  • Professor C A Floudas — In Memoriam
  • Comprehensive Introduction to Agglomeration and Growth and Models (R Kerner)
  • The Pattern Recognition of Probability Distributions of Amino Acids in Protein Families (R P Mondaini, S C de Albuquerque Neto)
  • Modelling the Electrical Activity of the Heart (R A Barrio, I Dominguez-Roman, M A Quiroz-Juarez, O Jimenez-Ramirez, R Vazquez-Medina, J L Aragon)
  • How the Interval Between Primary and Booster Vaccination Affects Long-Term Disease Dynamics (A Shoukat, A L Espindola, G Röst, S M Moghadas)
  • Stability and Hopf Bifurcation in a Multi-Delayed Eco-Epidemiological Model (D Adak, N Bairagi)
  • Propagation of Extrinsic Perturbation in Multistep Biochemical Pathways (A G Nedungadi, S Sinha)
  • Catastrophic Transitions in Coral Reef Biome Under Invasion and Overfishing (S Pal, J Bhattacharyya)
  • Dynamics of Hepatitis C Viral Load with Optimal Control Treatment Strategy (R Keval, S Banerjee)
  • Somitogenesis and Turing Pattern (A Lemarchand, L Signon, B Nowakowski)
  • An Epidemiological Model of Viral Infections in a Varroa-Infested Bee Colony: The Case of a Bee-Dependent Mite Population Size (S Bernardi, E Venturino)
  • Does Sensitivity Analysis Validate Biological Relevance of Parameters in Model Development? Revisiting Two Basic Malaria Models (S Mandal, S Sinha)
  • Subcortical Homeostatic Circuitry Modulates Brain Waves and Behavioral Adaptation: Relevance for the Emergent Multidiscipline of Social Neuroscience (Limei Zhang de Barrio, V S Hernández, L E Eiden)
  • Protein Structure Estimation from Incomplete NMR Data (Z Li, S Lin, Y Li, Q Lei, Q Zhao)
  • Decrypting How Proteins Move and Change Their Shape (E Laine)
  • Deterministic and Stochastic Model for HLTV-I Infection of CD4+ T Cells (P K Srivastava)
  • Study of Global Stability and Optimal Treatment for An Infectious Disease Model (A Kumar, P K Srivastava, A Yadav)
  • Global Stability of a Modified HIV Infection Model with Saturation Incidence (J Yang, Q Zhang, L Wang)
  • A Survey of Geometric Techniques for Pattern Recognition of Probability of Occurrence of Amino Acids in Protein Families (R P Mondaini)
  • Symmetry and Minimum Principle at the Basis of the Genetic Code (A Sciarrino, P Sorba)
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Readership: Undergraduates, graduates, researchers and all practitioners in the interdisciplinary fields of Mathematical Biology, Biological Physics and Mathematical Modelling of Biosystems.
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