Further Understanding Of The Human Machine: The Road To Bioengineering

Further Understanding Of The Human Machine: The Road To Bioengineering

The Road to Bioengineering

Max E Valentinuzzi


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What is bioengineering all about? How will it impact the future? Can it find the cure for diabetes and other chronic diseases? A long-awaited continuation of the 2004 book, Understanding the Human Machine: A Primer for Bioengineering, this volume intends to address these questions and more.

Written together with 18 scientists active in the field, Max E. Valentinuzzi brings his decades of teaching bioengineering and physiology at the undergraduate and graduate levels to readers, giving a profound, and sometimes philosophical, insight into the realm of bioengineering.

  • Introduction (Max E Valentinuzzi)
  • One Essential Source: Electrophysiology (Max E Valentinuzzi and Alberto J Kohen)
  • Another Source: Cardiac Mechanical Activity (Max E Valentinuzzi and Alberto J Kohen)
  • What About the Respiratory System (Max E Valentinuzzi and Chi-Sang Poon)
  • The Renal System: Also a Source from General Physiology (Max E Valentinuzzi and Alfredo Coviello)
  • Still with the Sources: Now, the Gastrointestinal System (Max E Valentinuzzi)
  • And Now the Endocrine System, Another Information Source (Max E Valentinuzzi)
  • The Nervous System: Source Par Excellence (B Silvano Zanutto and Esteban Cynowiec)
  • Muscular and Skeletal Systems (by Mónica T Miralles and Ignacio Ghersi)
  • The Time Keeping System: A Key Organizational Element (Verónica S Valentinuzzi and Gisele A Oda)
  • Biosensors and Nanobiosensors (Rossana E Madrid, Rosana Chehín, Ting-Hsuan Chen, and Anthony Guiseppi-Elie)
  • The Biological Amplifier (Enrique Spinelli and Federico N Guerrero)
  • Mathematical Models in Bioengineering ( Max E Valentinuzzi and Pedro D Arini)
  • The Future of Bioengineering: Possible New Areas (Max E Valentinuzzi, Sibel Ertek, and B Silvano Zanutto)

Readership: Graduate students and researchers in bioengineering.