Wonders of Water

Wonders of Water

The Hydrogen Bond in Action

Ivar Olovsson


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The book presents the fantastic world of water in all its different forms, from liquid to ice and snow. This book is amply illustrated with a large number of beautiful pictures with. Water plays a unique role in chemistry. The special properties of water are due to hydrogen bonding between the H2O molecules. The hydrogen bond is of fundamental importance in biological systems since all living matter has evolved from and exists in an aqueous environment, and hydrogen bonds are involved in most biological processes. There is a hundred times more water molecules in our bodies than the sum of all the other molecules put together.

The unique properties of water are of great importance in our daily life. The origin of these special properties is often not recognized. Even among chemists and physicists, the fundamental facts are not always known. In spite of very active research, there are still many questions to be answered about the structure of liquid water, for instance.

The book differs from most books on water as it covers basic facts about structure and properties as well as the influence of these properties in our daily life. Why does ice float on water? Why is the maximum density of water at 4°C? The beauty of snow crystals is amply illustrated, and many of the pictures are unique.

  • Early Snow Crystal Observations
  • Artificially Grown Snow Crystals
  • Twins, Snowflakes and Hail
  • Formation of Rain
  • Pictures of Snow and Ice Crystals in Nature
  • Snow for Pleasure and Art
  • The Ice Surface and Formation of Ice Spikes
  • Ice as Aircraft Carrier and Project Habakkuk
  • Structure of Water and Ice
  • Physical Properties and Significance in Nature
  • Water, a Solvent with Many Interesting Properties
  • Why is Water Blue?
  • Electron Microscopic Studies of Snow Crystals
  • Ice in Lakes and Glaciers
  • Hydrates of Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Chlorine
  • Effects Connected with the Release of Methane
  • Polyhedra Formed by Water, Carbon and Hydrocarbons
  • The Platonic Solids
  • Mysteries of Water
  • Escher's Waterfall and the Impossible Triangle
  • Memory of Water
  • Jacques Benveniste
  • Homeopathy
  • Masaru Emoto
  • Can Warm Water Freeze Faster than Cold Water?
  • Mpemba Effects in Our Daily Life
  • Hot-Water Pipes Break on Freezing While Cold Ones Do Not!
  • The Hydrogen Bond
  • The Role of the Lone-Pair Electrons on the Acceptor Atom
  • The Hydrated Proton
  • Water in Biological Systems
  • Water Transport in Trees
  • Transformations of Our Earth by Water and Ice
  • Ice Ages
  • Giant's Kettles, Potholes
  • The Story of Döda Fallet (The 'Dead Fall')
  • The Rain Bow
  • The Physical Origin of the Rainbow
  • Teoderick's Rainbow Experiment
  • Primary and Secondary Rainbows
  • The Water Molecule is Unique

Readership: Interested lay readers.
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