Nanobioceramics For Healthcare Applications

Nanobioceramics For Healthcare Applications

Thian Eng San, Huang Jie, Aizawa Mamoru


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This book provides a comprehensive coverage on nanobioceramics and their potential applications in healthcare. Ground-breaking new discoveries in bioceramics and their properties have meant an increasing interest in the development of how this can be related to nanobiomaterials, and in treating various conditions from osteoporosis to surgical dentistry. Research has also been driven by ageing global populations, where better restorative and reparative treatments are needed. As a consequence of this change in demographics, the research of nanobioceramics for application in healthcare is a field that is advancing at a considerable pace.

Individual chapters give the reader an in-depth coverage on the synthesis and characterization of various nanobioceramics including silica, calcium phosphates, bioglass, and glass-ceramics. Through reviewing and analysing current literature, this book provides a rich source of valuable information on nanobioceramics for any professionals and students in materials science and engineering. It is also aimed at medical professionals searching for state-of-the-art techniques and treatments available and made possible through this particular field of innovation.

  • Overview of Nanobioceramics (Poon Nian Lim, Jie Huang, Mamoru Aizawa and Eng San Thian)
  • Silica-Based Nanoceramics (Akiko Obata and Toshihiro Kasuga)
  • Bioceramics for Orthopedic Device Applications: Hydroxyapatite (Qiaomu Tian, Laura Rivera-Castaneda, Zachary S Dunn and Huinan Liu)
  • Tricalcium Phosphate-Based Nanoceramics (Kazuaki Hashimoto)
  • Calcium Phosphate Nanocoatings: Production, Physical and Biological Properties, and Biomedical Applications (Besim Ben-Nissan and Andy H Choi)
  • Bone Cements Utilized for the Reconstruction of Hard Tissue: Basic Understanding and Recent Topics (Kanji Tsuru, Yuki Sugiura and Kunio Ishikawa)
  • Strontium-Containing Mesoporous Bioactive Glass for Regeneration of Osteoporotic Bone and Periodontal Tissue (Chengtie Wu and Jiang Chang)
  • Bioactive Glass-Ceramics (Taishi Yokoi, Toshiki Miyazaki, Masakazu Kawashita and Chikara Ohtsuki)
  • Nanocomposites for Bone Repair (Kyung-Ah Kwon, Jennifer H Shepherd, David V Shepherd, Ismael Moreno-Gomez and Serena M Best)

Readership: Professionals and students in materials science and engineering; medical professionals searching for state-of-the-art techniques and treatments available in nanobioceramics.