Rave On

Rave On

Global Adventures in Electronic Dance Music

Matthew Collin


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Electronic dance music was once the utopian frontier of pop culture. But three decades after the acid house 'summer of love', it has gone from subculture to the global mainstream. Does it still have the same power to inspire?

From the pleasure palaces of Ibiza and Las Vegas to 'new frontiers' like Shanghai and Dubai, raving is now a multi-million-dollar business. But there are still hardcore believers upholding its DIY ethos - the techno idealists of Berlin and Detroit and the queer subcults of New York, the post-apartheid party people of South Africa and the outlaw techno travellers of France.

In Rave On, Matthew Collin travels the world to experience these unique scenes first-hand, talk to the key players and hear the story of how dance culture went global - and find out if its maverick spirit can survive its own success.


Matthew Collin:
Matthew Collin is the author of the critically-acclaimed books Altered State, This is Serbia Calling, The Time of the Rebels and Pop Grenade. He has worked as a correspondent for the BBC and Al Jazeera, and as the editor of The Big Issue, i-D magazine and the Time Out website. He has also written for many newspapers and magazines, including the Guardian, Observer, Wall Street Journal, The Face, Mixmag and Mojo. He is now researching a new book for Serpent's Tail about electronic dance music culture around the world.