The Energy Conundrum

The Energy Conundrum

Climate Change, Global Prosperity, and the Tough Decisions We Have to Make

Neil A C Hirst


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This book provides a comprehensive and balanced account of global energy policy; covering moral, political, social, technical and economic aspects of the subject. While The Energy Conundrum does not offer easy solutions, it provides the facts and evidence gathered from sources in government, industry, academia, and NGOs alike, for readers to understand the issues and make their own judgements.

With a foreword by Dr Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency and a leading figure in world energy, The Energy Conundrum comprises eleven chapters covering topics from history and geopolitics to contemporary challenges for climate mitigation and governance. The book also offers realistic case studies which invite readers to try their hand at making energy policy as government energy ministers in two countries with very different circumstances.

  • Introduction
  • History and Geopolitics of Fossil Energy
  • Energy Security and Emergency Planning
  • Energy Justice and Human Welfare
  • Climate Change
  • Energy Technology
  • Energy Finance, Fossil Fuel Subsidies, and Carbon Pricing
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Markets and Competition
  • Global Energy Governance
  • Conclusions
  • Case Study: Energy Minister of Ygrene
  • Case Study: Energy Minister of Rewop

Readership: University students, analysts and policy makers in government, industry and NGOs, general public.
Keywords:Global Energy Policy;Energy Geopolitics;Climate Change;Energy Security;Global Energy Governance;Energy for All;Oil;Gas;Coal;Renewables;Economic Development;Energy Technology;Carbon Pricing;Energy Finance;Energy EfficiencyReview:

"For anyone working in the energy field ... The Energy Conundrum is essential reading."

Dr Fatih Birol

Key Features:
  • Useful "reference book" on energy policy
  • An overview on energy covering both policies and technologies
  • Two case studies are included for use to support teaching