Battle Royal

Battle Royal

Monarchists vs. Republicans and the Crown of Canada

David Johnson


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  • An engaging, thought-provoking look at the great debate headed our way on whether to continue the monarchy in Canada after the death of Elizabeth
  • Carefully looks at both the pro- and anti-monarchist sides and how they fit into Canadian political traditions
  • Also highlights the problems associated with abolishing the monarchy in Canada
  • Many Canadians have said they want to abolish the monarchy after Queen Elizabeth dies, rather than pass the crown on to her son Prince Charles
  • Rich in detail on the Crown in Canadian history, how our democratic system has developed alongside it, and the real political powers still held by the Queen and her vice-regents today


David Johnson:

David Johnson, a professor of political science at Cape Breton University, has studied and taught Canadian politics, government, and the constitution for over thirty years. He is the author of Thinking Government: Public Administration and Politics in Canada, 4th ed, a leading university textbook. His columns appear regularly in the Cape Breton Post. He lives in Sydney, Nova Scotia.