Eastern Meadowlark and Other Bird Songs

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Eastern Meadowlark and Other Bird Songs

Greg Cetus


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The clear whistled song of the Eastern Meadowlark can be heard in spring not only in the East of North American but also in desert grasslands of the Southwest. The song of this bird is of pure, melancholy whistles, which is simpler than the busier and flutey song of the Western Meadowlark. The black 'V' shaped patch on its chest also distinguishes the Eastern Meadowlark. This ambient soundscape offers Western Meadowlark birdsong recorded in its natural habitat together with other birds, insects and other ground creatures.


Greg Cetus:
Greg Cetus is an anthropologist passionate about music of the natural world. His audio records come from many carefully selected locations using high quality equipment designed to capture every tiny nuance of the magical ocean waves, enchanted forests and melodious birdsong soundscapes. This magic and its powerful holistic energy has been compiled into several natural world collections from Ocean Waves to Deep Forests. For more information about these recordings visit www.ocean-waves.co.uk