Easy Russian for English Speakers Volume 1

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Easy Russian for English Speakers Volume 1

Learn to Meet, Greet, Do Business in Russian; Make Friends, Dates and Discover The Mysterious Russian Soul

Max Bollinger


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Audio training course designed specifically for English speakers and containing 17 theme based lessons covering the every day situations. Each lesson consists of English tutorials, vocabulary, and complete live conversations. Essentials such as greetings, shopping, telling the time, asking for directions, elements of Russian business etiquette, such cultural concepts as The Russian soul, how to date someone in Russian and even a short poem by Alexander Pushkin included here.


Max Bollinger:
Max Bollinger, a native Russian speaker and British producer, writer and actor. Prior to establishing career in performing arts held management posts at The Cambridge University Local Examination Syndicate (now Cambridge Assessment). Producer of popular Short Stories by Anton Chekhov Series (www.anton-chekhov.com). Narrator in MacMillan’s Easy English for Busy People audio course.