Spirit of the Home: How to make your home a sanctuary

Spirit of the Home: How to make your home a sanctuary

Jane Alexander


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Spirit of the Home is a wonderful guide to creating your own sacred space and sanctuary and discovering peace and tranquillity.Home is a reflection of the self. It tells us, and other people, who we are. The type of home we live in, the style of the furnishings and colours, all work together to remind us of our personality, our taste, our values and interests.Creating a soul-sustaining space, an intimate and emotional connection with our home, has become a pursuit of the 90’s. As we change our lifestyles, downshift, work at home, deal with stress, live in different communities, we look towards home as a haven for peace and tranquility.The Spirit of the Home is a practical book, packed full of simple, easy-to-follow advice on how to make the most of your home:What does your home mean to you?• Does every space in your home have a special mood and purpose?• Does a healing home have to be a clean home?• Does energy, ch’i, flow smoothly?• Do you have good Feng Shui in your home?• Does your home feel good, smell good, and sound good?• Do you have a quiet corner?• Is your bathroom your sanctuary?• Can your home bring about change in your inner life?


Jane Alexander:
Jane Alexander is a writer and freelance journalist, best known for her features on natural health, psychology and mind/body/spirit in the Daily Mail. She also writes for, amongst others, New Woman, Here’s Health, Health and Fitness, Top Sante, Zest, Cosmopolitan and She.She has published two books, both published by Bantam: Supertherapies (Feb 1996) and The Natural Year (Feb 1997).