The Search for Truth

The Search for Truth

Creation or Evolution

Jaan Ranne


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Is there any scientific merit to the creationist point of view? This book looks at that question in detail and studies the flaws of evolutionary thinking and even the lack of true science in the evolution model. The creation model can be backed up scientifically. The book  looks at topics like dinosaurs coexisting with man, the flood, the age of the Earth, and the intelligence of early man.


Jaan Ranne:

Born in Montreal in 1954 to Estonian  parents. Attended a college in Montreal with a Science Major. Moved to Sault Ste.Marie, Ontario to study forestry in 75. Graduated with a Forest Technician Diploma in 77. Married in 78. Returned to school in London, Ontario in 89  with my wife and 3 kids. Graduated with a BED in 93. Moved to the Canadian Maritimes and taught Math and Sciences to mostly high school students in several Christian schools from 93 to 06.  Now living in Ontario. Retired in 2016.