Harbinger of Hope

Harbinger of Hope

A Startling Revelation of God’s Provision for You

Robin McMillan


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“This is a powerful word for our times.”

~Rick Joyner, bestselling author of The Final Quest

Your Spirit will be Revived

Harbinger of Hope will help you believe once again in God’s provision and goodness.

While praying through Psalm 91, Robin McMillan was shown a prophetic vision of five “wagons.” Robin soon discovered each wagon contained a specific symbolic message for our generation:

  •   Wagon #1: Deliverance from what we deserve
  •   Wagon #2: Deliverance from criticism
  •   Wagon #3: God’s provision
  •   Wagon #4: Hope for the future
  •  Wagon #5: New vision for America

If you are hungry for a word from Heaven and if you appreciate the teachings of Bill Johnson, and Shawn Bolz, then you will love the message found in Harbinger of Hope.