The Mediator's Toolkit

The Mediator's Toolkit

Formulating and Asking Questions for Successful Outcomes

Gerry O'Sullivan


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  • Author is the director of O'Sullivan Solutions
  • She is a member of the Mediators' Institute of Ireland
  • She has delivered conflict and mediation training with the US-based group Lawyers Without Borders
  • This is the first book written about mediators' questions - a key tool for successful mediation
  • The author has developed the "S Questions Model", a toolkit of the kinds of questions that can be asked of disputing parties in various contexts
  • The book covers the theory behind the questions types, why they are asked, how they work, when they are used, and how they are built and applied
  • It provides detailed training on how to ask the strategic, powerful, incisive questions that are needed to challenge and change thinking and perspectives
  • Shows the reader how to work safely and with integrity in highly emotional mediation contexts
  • The author's instructional video on YouTube has had over 40,000 views
  • Intended Audience : Mediators;lecturers and trainers in mediation;lawyers;coaches;facilitators;counsellors, police officers and peace keepers


  • Author lives in Castlegregory, County Kerry, Ireland
  • She is a member of the mediator's institute of Ireland
  • She has worked as a mediator and trainer in Cuba, Palestine, UK, Serbia, North Ireland, Romania and Berlin
  • Countries that have strong history in mediation are: Canada, US, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK
  • In the European Union, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Spain have or are implementing mediation laws