iSin: Upgrade to Life 2.0

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iSin: Upgrade to Life 2.0

Shay Dawkins, Shay Dawkins


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An Elite Mental Regimen Empowering You to Unleash Your Limitless Potential from within.
An elite mental regimen challenging you to redefine your perception of sin. Sinful emotions are the true enemies of us all. You will unleash your mind's limitless potential to generate positive emotions and high energy. “Solution” Shay Dawkins takes you on a journey that focuses on the truest source, yourself. Welcome to Life 2.0.

Written from vast hours of research and first-hand experiences, this mental training course will challenge you to refine your perceptions, innovate your mentalities, and unleash the limitless capabilities of the mind. Not only does iSin guide in becoming a 2.0 version of yourself, it also equips you with the mental skills necessary to build a long-lasting, better world, World 2.0.

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