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Sylvie Fox, Steven Barnett


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A quirky artist, the lawyer who wants her to *finally* experience true pleasure, and the boardroom battle keeping them apart.
My dating life has always been a disaster. I’m so over hooking up. Now this stuffy lawyer somehow thinks he can change that.
I had to straight up tell him that I hate sex. Every guy I’ve ever done it with has made it suck. But somehow Ryan with his eleven point plan to get me to…satisfaction has me thinking I should give it one more try…
My mom cleaned the bathrooms of rich doctors and lawyers in Beverly Hills. Now she’s retired without so much as a pension. I put on a suit, go to my top floor office, and work twelve hours every day just to support her.
After watching my mother being ordered around all day, I don’t like rich girls. I especially don’t like rich girls who go up against me at work. So why is this poor little rich girl and her new dog getting under my skin?