Smart Business

Smart Business

What Alibaba's Success Reveals about the Future of Strategy

Ming Zeng


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Ming Zeng, Chief Strategy Officer of the Alibaba Group, reveals the innovative strategies driving Alibaba's extraordinary success; explains how the latest technological trends such as machine learning, algorithms, and artificial intelligence are redefining what strategy is and how strategy works; and provides leaders with a radically new framework for formulating and executing strategy in today's increasingly interconnected, automated environment.

  • Makes sense of big trends impacting business—machine learning, algorithms, artificial intelligence, networks, platforms--and explains the new principles and practices that define strategy in an interconnected, data-rich, algorithm-driven environment.
  • Grounded in strong cases of Alibaba and other companies around the world employing these new strategies successfully.
  • Provides a roadmap for managers to better understand the new forces that drive strategy, along with actionable advice for how to win in this dramatic new environment.


    • C-suite and senior executives.
    • Consultants and advisors.
    • Academics who teach courses on strategy.
    • Investors and analysts.

    Announced first printing: 35,000
    Laydown goal: 6,000

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