Poor Cecco

Poor Cecco

Margery Williams Bianco, Arthur Rackham


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Poor Cecco longs to explore the world beyond the toy box, so the spunky wooden dog determines to conduct a treasure hunt. Join Bulka, the woeful rag puppy, cheerful Harlequin, Easter Chicken, greedy Money-Pig, and other spirited toys for a host of adventures, from a run-in with some ducks and a battle with a tribe of feisty rats to a dance to a country fiddle and a party with a friendly family of woodchucks. But beware of wicked Murrum, the black cat, who knows all of the household secrets.
Margery Williams Bianco, the author of The Velveteen Rabbit, returns to the secret life of toys with this enchanting story. Rich in imaginative charm, the rollicking tale features seven full-color images and numerous black-and-white pictures by famed illustrator Arthur Rackham.