An Oscar for Happiness

An Oscar for Happiness

Elena Chernikova, Nina Šoltić


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This is an autobiographical story. It covers the first years of the author's writing and creation.


Elena Chernikova:
Elena Chernikova – Russian writer (prose, dramaturgy)        
The main opuses: novels “Zolotaya Oslitsa,” “Skazhi Eto Bogu,” “Zachem?,” “Vishnyovyi Luch,” “Vozhdeleniye Bezdny,” collections “Lyubovnyye Rasskazy,” “Postorozhi Moyo Dno,” “Izbrannoye. Dom Na Presne,” plays and other works.
Journalist (printed and electronic media). Author and presenter of radio programs since the beginning of the 90-s.      
Author of the course books “Osnovy Tvorcheskoy Deyatelnosti Zhurnalista” (two editions published in 2005 and 2012 respectively), “Literaturnaya Rabota Zhurnalista” (2007), “Literaturnaya Rabota” (2017), manual for students “Azbuka Zhurnalista” (2009, 2017) and “Grammatika Zhurnalistskogo Masterstva” (2011, 2015).
Teacher of journalistic and literary art.
The award winner of the V All-Russian contest of the Prize “Khrustalnaya Roza Viktora Rozova” (2006) in the nomination “The Best Anchorman in Russia.”
Medal-winner: “For the Contribution to the Russian Culture” (2006), “Valorous Labour” (2007), a medal named in honor A.P. Chekhov (2010), the medal of the Silver Eagle “High achievements in the writing art work” (2008). The of the project “Klub Eleny Chernikovoy “Art” held monthly in the Book Center “Biblio-Globus” in Moscow (starting from 2011 till present).   
The author and editor of the book series “Poety Nastoyashchego Vremeni.”
She has been included into the catalogues “Znamenityye Lyudi Moskvy,” “Zhenshchiny Moskvy,” “Voronezhskaya Istoriko-Kulturnaya Enstiklopediya,” also the European Encyclopedia “Kto Est Kto.” The works of Chernikova are being translated into Dutch, Swedish, Chinese, Polish and other languages.
Lives in Moscow.