How to Make Money Trading Listed Puts

How to Make Money Trading Listed Puts

Lin Tso


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To many investors, Listed Puts have recently become a most important means of speculation on the stock market. For most traders, speculating on stock price changes has traditionally meant speculating on stock price increases. But as stock market gyrations of recent years have clearly shown price changes are by no means always price increases. Stock prices can---and normally do---drop, as quickly and as precipitously as they can rise.

Now, for the first time, HOW TO MAKE MONEY TRADING LISTED PUTS gives you the why's and how's of making in an up or down market through the vehicle which is on its way to becoming as popular as calls---Listed Puts.

Lin Tso, author of HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN LISTED OPTIONS, has written this companion book and included all the fundamental and technical information which you, the novice or the professional investor, need to know.


Lin Tso:

Lin Tso, a veteran securities analyst in special situations, is the author of four widely read books on the stock market: The Investor's Guide to Stock Market Profits in Seasoned and Emerging Industries (1969), Techniques For Discovering Hidden Value Stocks (1965), The Sensible Investor's Guide To Growth Stocks (1961), and How the Experts Buy Stocks For Profits (1960).

Mr. Tso was educated both in China and in the United States including graduate work at the John Hopkins University. In addition to being a financial consultant, Mr. Tso also writes for investment research organiziations, including regualr option market letters on listed options.