SOLANGE "Nothing is what it seems"

SOLANGE "Nothing is what it seems"

Rotze Mardini, Pablo Fajardo Pulido


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"I am Solange, a woman who loves intensely a man who belongs to another ... Do not judge me without knowing the truth of the facts, I did not shuffle the cards, fate chose for me and now I am paying the consequences of a past that condemns me " The Runways celebrity, Solange Martiel is forced to return to her motherland with only one objective that she must keep secret, but fate has prepared her a reunion with the great love of her life; Daniel Larose, a congressman committed to his work and also to his wife.
Daniel and Solange will relive the feelings of the past, wrapping them in a forbidden and dangerous relationship, which will threaten to undo their lives. While Solange is running out of time to conclude the only reason that brought her back to Peru and will have to face a situation that will put her life and reputation at risk. Love, passion, intrigue, suspense and eroticism. Can Solange and Daniel find happiness or be condemned to live apart? Discover this story where nothing is as it seems: Solange, the new novel by Rotze Mardini, author of the Cavielli trilogy.


Rotze Mardini:
Rotze Mardini was born in Cusco, Peru. She currently lives in the United States with her husband. So far she has published the Cavielli trilogy and is working on her first novel of a paranormal romance that will be released in the coming months. Lover of letters and the language of dreams.