A Few Thousand Dollars

A Few Thousand Dollars

Sparking Prosperity for Everyone

Robert E. Friedman, Cory Booker


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Groundbreaking: Practical, no-nonsense strategies to address growing income inequality and the significant racial gap in income are in short supply. Friedman explains the problems, yes, but more importantly provides proven, tested solutions from forty years in the field.
Lively, engaging, and well-respected author: Told in stories of social entrepreneurs gathered over forty years, A Few Thousand Dollars shares lessons Bob Friedman has drawn from work the fields of poverty elimination and asset development. Author and his organization, Prosperity Now, will promote the book in the 25,000+ person/organization field.
Annual Conference of Prosperity Now: With 1300+ attendees, the annual asset development conference sponsored by Prosperity Now in September 2018 will feature the release of the book.
Author Expertise: Expert on asset development, anti-poverty policy, and community development. He has testified multiple times before Congress and state legislatures.
Public Intellectual: op-eds have been featured in the New York Times, the Washington Post and many other state and local papers. He has been interviewed by papers and media channels across the country including Al Jazeera, Forbes, and Harvard Alumni Magazine.
Events: Friedman will speak of significant public events throughout the country (full schedule to come) and promote the book in asset development field.