The Aging of Aquarius

The Aging of Aquarius

Igniting Passion and Purpose as an Elder

Helen Wilkes


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  • Author is an octogenarian and is called "The Poster Girl for Retirement"
  • She holds a PhD in French literature specializing in Renaissance history and is an award-winning author
  • As she aged, she pondered universal human questions such as: If wisdom comes with age – what is wisdom? Does my life matter? Who am I? Why was I born? Are there deeds or tasks I must fulfill before I die?
  • Drawing on real-life stories, the author extends a helping hand to those who feel isolated and alone while confronting these philosophical issues
  • Extensively researched, this book is a guidebook for those seeking to play an active role in shaping their own retirement
  • This book offers a vision of elderhood as the culmination of life with concrete suggestions for transforming this vision to reality
  • Helps the reader become an elder filled with self-respect
  • Create a life in retirement that is filled with passion and purpose, helps you reach your potential and gain insight into how you can still give to the world, no matter the sum of your years
  • Helps readers view aging as an amazing privilege
  • Intended Audience : the ever-expanding older population, soon to reach 40 million in the US, adults facing retirement, seniors already retired but dissatisfied with their retirement, boomers who wanted to change the world when they were young and are revisiting those goals, professionals working with seniors and elders