Fundamentals of Library Supervision, Third Edition

Fundamentals of Library Supervision, Third Edition

Beth McNeil


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You're about to become a library supervisor! In addition to excitement you may also feel some uncertainty. Mentor, creator, monitor, and negotiator are some of the roles a supervisor must play, and wearing that many hats is a challenge that requires discipline and organization (and a healthy sense of humor). This newly updated and revised edition of a classic text will give you the grounding to supervise, manage, and lead with confidence. A perfect handbook for those just moving into a supervisory position, and a welcome refresher for current managers, this resource focuses on daily, real-world issues, offering discussion of how to foster a positive work environment by determining the character of your organization; dozens of sample interview questions suitable for different contexts, and other pointers on the hiring process; advice on supervising all different kinds of employees, from those with "structural" personalities to creative types; tactics for leading productive and focused staff meetings; guidance on how to develop shared accountability, overcoming the decision dilemma so common in group settings, and other strategies for building successful teams; easy to follow tips for making email a genuine productivity tool; methods for meeting deadlines through backward planning; 11 steps for developing a clear and balanced performance appraisal; techniques for actively addressing complaints; and examples of non-monetary staff rewards such as flexible scheduling, job enrichment, and celebrations. Guiding supervisors through the intricate process of managing others, this to-the-point handbook addresses the fundamental issues facing those taking on this position.