Why Dogs Can't Eat Chocolate

Why Dogs Can't Eat Chocolate

How Medicines Work and How You Can Take Them Safely

Louise Achey


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A pharmacist explains the science behind prescription medications—with helpful hints for avoiding adverse reactions and side effects.
If you are one of the millions who take at least one prescription drug regularly, how can you stay safe when their effects can be so unpredictable—and occasionally even dangerous? Just as chocolate has a very different effect on your dog than it does on you, prescription drugs don’t always work the same from person to person.
In this book, a pharmacist and award-winning medical educator simplifies the complex and confusing information about pharmaceuticals, reveals the three “Ds” of taking medicine safely, and explains in a clear and entertaining way what happens in our bodies when we take a medicine or supplement—to help you make safer, smarter choices for your own health.