No Place To Go

No Place To Go

How Public Toilets Fail Our Private Needs

Lezlie Lowe


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No Place To Go talks about the politics of public toilets, politics that have traditionally made it more difficult for certain groups to be out in public, including women, people with health issues, etc. It's a subject you don't think much about until you're caught short, and then you realize how incredibly necessary adequate public facilities are in order for you to be able to leave your house.
• In 2016, the New Yorker called bathrooms a “civil-rights flashpoint” ( This is no less true now than it was then. Lezlie Lowe expands the discussion of trans rights to include those with disabilities, homeless populations, and more.
• The conversations, particularly in Texas, around trans people's rights to use whichever restroom they prefer makes this a hot-button subject.
• The book discusses cities all over the world. As it turns out, the problems are pretty much the same everywhere.
• This book is perfect for urban planners, disability advocates, city-builders, architects, etc., but also general trade readers. The material is absolutely fascinating and changes how you look at public space.
• This book is remarkably FUN. Lezlie is a punny, funny writer, and it's a total delight to read. Even if you think you won't be interested in the topic, you will.