Heather Clauson, ED.D., John Grebe, Emma Chandler


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Thorn is a bird’s-eye view of Jesus’s last week on Earth — from the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, to the death and resurrection of Christ. Thorn adds her songs to the shouts of praise of the crowd gathered on the street as Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey, and she sings songs of comfort to Jesus as he dies on the cross. During the week, Thorn has several unique encounters with Jesus and is protected in a surprising way when threatened by a sand cat. Throughout the week, Thorn experiences personal transformation and learns to appreciate a special blessing that is passed on to her babies.


John Grebe:

John Grebe, a facilitator and family minister, wrote a version of Thorn as a poem in college. Heather and Emma joined the project, helping to transform it into this book.

Emma Chandler illustrated this book at the age of 16. Her faith and love of Jesus inspire her artwork. She lives with her mom, dad, two siblings, and three cats.