Preach Better Sermons

Preach Better Sermons

Shane Stone, Ph.D.


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The objective of this book is to address the following premises: Premise number one: The purpose and aim of Christian preaching/teaching is to produce spiritually faithful, biblically capable, and productively active disciples of Jesus Christ. Premise number two: Conventional preaching/teaching philosophies and methods are not achieving the desired effects in far too many cases. This is evidenced by the numbers of lukewarm churches and spiritually broad-but-not-deep Christians. Premise number three: A paradigm shift in how sermons and Bible lessons should be prepared and communicated will help alleviate the problem and is long overdue. This book addresses the shortcomings of modern Christian preaching, envisions the strongest and deepest approaches to biblical teaching and learning, and lays out specific steps to get churches’ classrooms and pulpit ministries from where they are to where they need to be.


Shane Stone, Ph.D.:

Doctor Stone has served bi-vocationally in Christian ministry since 1997.  He holds a Ph.D. in Leadership, an MA in Theological Studies, and an MS in Criminal Justice.  After serving as a Military Policeman and holding various civilian law enforcement positions, he now teaches fulltime at the college and university levels.  In addition to teaching, Dr. Stone’s primary ministry is serving churches by helping equip pastors and teachers to be more effective at leading and feeding God’s people.