Tarot Workshop

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Tarot Workshop

Suzanne Corbie, Kevin Kendle, Llewellyn, Llewellyn


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In this special double-disc workshop, experiencedtarot teacher and author Suzanne Corbie presents an introductory guide tolearning tarot in which beginners are encouraged to work with their ownintuition and feelings. Presented in her fun and easygoing style, with music by Kevin Kendle and Llewellyn, Suzanne covers both the Major and Minor Arcana tarot cards. It is an easy-to-understandand no-nonsense guide that enables you to quickly learn how to work with tarotcards and give readings for yourself and others. Suzanne has read and studiedthe tarot for over thirty years and has taught it for the last seven. Sheregularly teaches classes and workshops in tarot all over the United Kingdom.