Molecular Immunity

Molecular Immunity

A Chronology of 60 Years of Discovery

Kendall A Smith


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This book covers a scientific history of the discoveries in immunology of the past 60-years, i.e. what was discovered, who made the advances and how they accomplished them, and why others did not.

All molecular advances occurred in the last 60 years, and no one has described them.

  • Twenty Years of Cellular Discovery
  • From Activities to Molecules: The Interleukins
  • The Beginnings of Molecular Immunology
  • Molecular Mechanisms of T Cell Cytolysis
  • Molecular Mechanisms of T Cell Help
  • The Molecules of Macrophages
  • Additional T Cell signals: Co-Stimulatory & Co-inhibitory
  • Regulatory T Cells
  • Immunotherapy

Readership: Undergraduates, graduate students and academics in medicine (immunology) and life sciences (molecular biology, genetics).
Key Features:
  • This will be the first history of immunology since the 1960s
  • The author pioneered the field of molecular immunology
  • The text is meticulously documented