The Adventures of Mr. Potato Mousey

The Adventures of Mr. Potato Mousey

Mark Ostad


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In many respects, Mr. Potato Mousey is a lot like me. He is hardworking, smart, with many conservative values. He loves music, especially classical music. He tries to find life’s lessons in everything he does. And he loves to help others, in many different ways. Mr. Potato Mousey is very likable. He is never afraid of doing something new, and he always tries to make new friends. Mr. Potato Mousey’s hobbies include reading and listening to his favorite composer, Beethoven. He is a father and is proud of his kids, Basel and Mint. He loves his wife, Mrs. Potato Mousey, who is both a great mom and cook. Read this book for yourself and read it to others, especially your children. And read it again and again.