Carcinogens, DNA Damage and Cancer Risk

Carcinogens, DNA Damage and Cancer Risk

Mechanisms of Chemical Carcinogenesis

Miriam C Poirier


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As chemical exposures and cancer rates increase worldwide, there is a need for students, researchers, public health professionals, and physicians to understand the mechanisms connecting exposure with human cancer risk. This new book is an essential reference, as well as introduction to the field of chemical carcinogenesis, with particular focus on DNA damage as a critical link between exposure and disease, and emphasis on biomarkers associated with cancer risk in humans. In addition to DNA damage, related topics covered include metabolism of selected chemical carcinogens, exposure-induced epigenetic changes, cancer-associated mutations and reduction of DNA damage and cancer risk by chemoprevention. The book is designed to be a comprehensive guide to basic principles, a teaching tool for academics, and a map for the development of protective mechanisms to reduce human cancer risk.

  • The Role of DNA Damage in Cancers Caused by Chemicals (Miriam C Poirier)
  • The Role of Cytochrome P450 Enzymes in Carcinogen Metabolism: Lessons Learned from Studies With Benzo[α]pyrene and Aristolochic Acid (Marie Stiborová, Laura E Wohak and Volker M Arlt)
  • DNA Damage by Tobacco Carcinogens (Stephen S Hecht)
  • Measurement of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon-DNA Adducts and Studies of Human Cancer Risk Using Antibody-Based Methods (Regina M Santella)
  • Chemical Exposures, DNA Damage, and Human Lung Cancer Risk (Ainsley Weston and Miriam C Poirier)
  • Aflatoxin Exposure, Human Liver Cancer Risk, and Chemoprevention (Thomas W Kensler and John D Groopman)
  • Metal Carcinogenesis and DNA Damage: A Case Study Using Hexavalent Chromium (Sandra S Wise and John Pierce Wise)
  • Monitoring DNA Damage Induced by Chemotherapeutic Agents as a Predictor of Clinical Outcome (Soterios A Kyrtopoulos)
  • Antiretroviral Drugs, Genotoxicity, and Carcinogenesis (Ofelia A Olivero)
  • Cancer Chemoprevention via Reduction of DNA Damage (Gary D Stoner)
  • Chemical Carcinogen Exposure, DNA Damage, and Epigenetic Alterations (Kostiantyn Dreval and Igor P Pogribny)
  • Adductomics (David H Phillips)

Readership: Undergraduate students, postgraduates and researchers in nuclear chemistry, pollution, biochemistry, biological chemistry and oncology.
Key Features:
  • The authors are my collaborators and leaders in the field
  • The chapter presentations — with glossaries, definitions of abbreviations, generous color figures and tables — is designed to be more straightforward and less complicated than many of the papers the data is derived from
  • Furthermore, after the presentation of data, summaries reiterate the relevant points and take-home messages