Little Miss Marie

Little Miss Marie

Phyllis Grant, Savannah M. Hefner


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They say the eyes are one’s window to one’s soul. It’s also been said that everyone has a voice. The author wanted to give voice to her daughter, who was too young to express how she saw and moved in her world. The author watched and took notice of every expression her daughter, as a toddler, made to every circumstance and new experience in her little life. Her daughter was not old enough to express herself in a manner that could be clearly understood, but her expressions and actions clearly had a voice. Little Miss Marie is a mother-and-daughter project comprised of small stories the author wrote to put words to what she imagined her daughter’s voice would be as she journeyed through this experience we call life. The illustrations are done by her daughter, now fifteen years old, who created the characters in the stories to give picture to the voice.