Theory of Magnetoelectric Properties of 2D Systems

Theory of Magnetoelectric Properties of 2D Systems

Ming-Fa Lin, Dr Szu-Chao Chen, Dr Jhao-Ying Wu, Chiun-Yan Lin


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This book addresses important advances in diverse quantization phenomena. Theory of Magnetoelectric Properties of 2D Systems develops the generalized tight-binding model in order to comprehend the rich quantization phenomena in 2D materials. The unusual effects, taken into consideration simultaneously, mainly come from the multi-orbital hybridization, the spin-orbital coupling, the intralayer and interlayer atomic interactions, the layer number, the stacking configuration, the site-energy difference, the magnetic field, and the electric field. The origins of the phenomena are discussed in depth, particularly focusing on graphene, tinene, phosphorene and MoS2, with a broader model also drawn. This model could be further used to investigate electronic properties of 1D and 3D condensed-matter systems, and this book will prove to be a valuable resource to researchers and graduate students working in 2D materials science.