Student Athletes

Student Athletes

Merging Academics and Sports

Frank P Jozsa Jr.


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Applying concepts, data, and other information from various sources in the literature when and where appropriate, the book reveals and examines the behavior, contribution, and impact of student athletes (SAs) on campuses of American colleges and universities. It highlights, in part, SAs' progress academically while they devoted time and resources to participate in one or more of their schools' individual and/or team sports in Division I, II, and/or III of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, or in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics and/or National Junior College Athletic Association.

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Readership: NCAA officials, sports scholars and researchers, college and university front-office staff and athletic directors, and the academic community in higher education; schools' presidents and executive staff and also others in administrative and managerial positions, and any men and women faculty who currently teach sports business, economics, history, journalism, and/or management; reference book for graduate and senior-level undergraduate students, with classes in schools' sports departments; public libraries and those of schools in higher education.
Key Features:
  • Contains tables of data and other information about the role and impact of Student Athletes in their schools' sports programs
  • Covers Student Athletes' academic performances in American colleges and universities
  • Based on author's former experiences as a Student Athlete and his knowledge as an educator and also researcher of the sports industry