Classic Radio's Greatest Shows, Collection 2

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Classic Radio's Greatest Shows, Collection 2

Black Eye Entertainment, Full Cast


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This collection contains 12 of the greatest shows ever broadcast during the Golden Age of Radio – including episodes of The Jack Benny Program, Burns & Allen, Gunsmoke, The Amos ‘n' Andy Show, Richard Diamond, Private Detective, Suspense, Dimension X, The Whistler, Sherlock Holmes and more. Radio’s finest actors perform before the microphones, including: Jack Benny, Tom Conway, Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Nigel Bruce, Chester Morris, Dick Powell, Howard Duff, George Burns, Gracie Allen, William Conrad, John Dehner and many more. Relive 12 of the best radio shows from yesterday and the legendary stars that made them amazing in this incredible collection.

The Abbott & Costello Show 5/16/46 “Lou Runs for Mayor” w/ Bud Abbott & Lou Costello
The Burns & Allen Show 3/23/43 “Making George Sick” w/ George Burns & Gracie Allen
The Amos ‘n’ Andy Show 3-20-49 “Worthless Oil Stock” w/ Freeman Gosden & Charles Correll
The Jack Benny Program 2/12/50 “Will TV Replace Radio?” w/ Jack Benny
Dimension X 4/15/50 “With Folded Hands” w/ Norman Rose as host
Suspense 11/28/46 “The Strange Death of Gordon Fitzroy” w/ Chester Morris
The Whistler 4/21/47 “Backlash” w/ Howard Duff
Richard Diamond, Private Detective 6/28/50 “Mary Bellman Case” w/ Dick Powell
Gunsmoke 1/8/55 “Robin Hood” w/ William Conrad
The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 6/30/47 “The Adventure of the Innocent Murderess” w/ Tom Conway and Nigel Bruce
Have Gun-Will Travel 9/25/60 “Bringing Up Ollie” w/ John Dehner
The Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show 5/15/49 “Cadillac in the Swimming Pool” w/ Phil Harris & Alice Faye