The Heirloom House

The Heirloom House

How eBay and I Decorated and Furnished My Nantucket Home

Sherry Lefevre


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“By turns nostalgic memoir . . . Local history, practical renovation manual, traditional home furnishings primer, and how-to guide for navigating eBay” (The New York Review of Books).
The Heirloom House is a humorous personal account of two interlocking obsessions: eBay and the quest to create a vacation house that looks and feels like a family heirloom.
Beginning with recollections of her childhood summers in Nantucket, author Sherry Lefevre narrates the development of her personal aesthetic: wanting everything that people with old inherited houses have. When she receives a bequest that allows her to purchase her own ramshackle summerhouse, she clicks on eBay and emerges two months later with a house fully furnished with other people’s ancestral treasures, from toile curtains to taxidermy, at a more-than-affordable price.
Filled with photos and drawings, The Heirloom House combines entertaining memoir with inspiring advice and how-to tips for finding antiques and retro treasures at an affordable price and creating your own special space.
“Snappy writing with appealing and accessible information.” —Leslie Linsley, author of Nantucket Cottages and Gardens and Nantucket Island Living
“The story of a woman who has found a way to live her dreams.” —Sarah A. Chrisman, author of Victorian Secrets and This Victorian Life