Augusts in Africa

Augusts in Africa

Safaris into the Twilight: Forty Years of Essays and Stories

Thomas McIntyre, Graig Boddington


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A “beautifully written” collection of works from a lifetime of African safaris, both hunting its wildlife and appreciating its splendor (Sports Afield).
In Augusts in Africa, Thomas McIntyre presents the stories he has gathered from four decades of safari trips in Africa—which were some of the most defining times of his life.
For those who know the continent well, these tales may read like reflections of their own experiences. For the rest, there is an insight to be found in them. And if there is more than one account on the hunting of the Cape buffalo, that is because the beast represents an ideal combination of size, strength, intelligence, and vehemence— a perfect symbol of what draws people back again and again to Africa.
Whether crouched in a blind for hours until he can clearly make out the individual rosettes on a leopard’s hide or listening to a professional hunter advise him on what to do when faced with a charging elephant (“You should run”), Tom McIntyre brings to life amazing African animals and exciting expeditions with “a mastery of language that helps put us there far better than most other writers, even such vaunted names as Robert Ruark and Ernest Hemingway” (Rifle Loony News).