Modernization in Georgia

Modernization in Georgia

Theories, Discourses and Realities

Giga Zedania


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The book is a collection of articles treating the question of modernization in Georgia. It is an interdisciplinary volume, comprising the studies from disciplines of history, political science, sociology and international relations. The texts deal with the topic from various angles, creating a rich and multifaceted picture: theories of modernization, history of modernization and Europeanization efforts in Georgia from the 19th century to the present day, Soviet past and its influence on the present socio-political processes, interrelation between foreign policy and modernization project, social capital and civil society, state and nation in the Caucasus. The book takes into account both theoretical and historical dimensions of the topic, presents various interpretations of the concept of modernization and discusses how distinct processes and projects of modernizing society existed in different historical epochs in Georgia.