Hope Behind the Headlines

Hope Behind the Headlines

Brian Marshall, Janet Smallwood, Liz Wiggins


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  • A readable and accessible book that is packed full of learning, insights, research and experiences that will ensure leaders really understand what is required to shift cultures in theory and in practice
  • It will leave readers energized and hopeful about their own ability to make a difference in their own local health context
  • Speaks to the reader as an intelligent equal with an empathy and understanding of what it is like trying to lead change and improvement in the complex world of health care
  • Presents a clearly argued point of view without trying to grandstand or knock other approaches
  • Makes the potentially tricky but strategically vital area of culture understandable and practical without talking down to the reader
  • Provides in depth understanding of the current context for health and social care
  • Offers a clearly written theory of shifting culture, based on academic research which shows how any leader, whatever their level can shift their local culture to be more conducive to high quality patient care
  • Includes chapters written by leaders who have had a go at shifting culture in practice and who share their experiences, warts and all

These stories are powerful, empathetic, first person narratives that are very different from sanitized case studies that often glorify what happened and make readers feel inadequate.