Killer Fortnite Strategies

Killer Fortnite Strategies

An Ultimate Unofficial Battle Royale Guide

Jason R. Rich


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Master Strategies for Achieving #1 Victory Royale

Killer Fortnite Strategies: The Ultimate Unofficial Battle Royale Guide is an all-new, full-color, unofficial guide for adult gamers specifically covering the Windows PC and Mac versions of Fortnite: Battle Royale. With pro tips, expert strategies, and in-depth information, this guide covers everything from tweeking your computer and customizing your keyboard for your own personal game play experience to advanced tactics for resource gathering and weapon utilization.


  • Hundreds of full-color screenshots
  • Customizing tips for the ultimate gaming experience
  • Thorough exploration of the island
  • In-depth information on weapons, ammo, and loot items
  • Proven strategies for resource gathering and building structures
  • Expert combat and survival tactics
  • Tips for avoiding the storm and surviving the End Game (the Final Circle)
  • And more!

    Regardless of your skill or experience level playing Fortnite: Battle Royale on a PC or Mac, this info-packed resource will up your game, improve your kill scores, and help you achieve #1 Victory Royale.

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    Jason R. Rich:
    Jason R. Rich ( is an avid gamer and the author of more than two dozen full-length computer and video game strategy guides. He’s also contributed thousands of game reviews and articles to national magazines and websites, and has worked as a consultant to some of the world’s biggest computer and video game developers and publishers. Follow him on Twitter/Instagram (@JasonRich7).