Metal Detecting

Metal Detecting

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Uncovering History, Adventure, and Treasure

Mark Smith


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Enthusiastic, thorough, and everything you need to know about discovering buried treasure!

There is an incredible amount of treasure buried right under our feet, but most people don’t even know this huge amount of untold wealth exists. Imagine how it must feel to uncover large caches of silver and gold coins or long-lost jewelry packed with shimmering, precious stones. These are not some made-up fairy tales—there are people who, at this very moment, are finding these treasures.

Veteran metal detector and treasure hunter Mark Smith takes you under his wing and demystifies treasure hunting in Metal Detecting by revealing his most closely guarded secrets and sharing personal stories of success. These valuable lessons and truly amazing treasure hunting stories will make you wonder why you aren’t out there with a metal detector right now!

Metal Detecting cuts right through the technical jargon and spells everything out with full-color illustrations and easy-to-understand terms, making this book simple to follow, regardless of your prior treasure-hunting experience. Novices and seasoned veterans will both find plenty of helpful information buried in the pages of this book—from choosing your first metal detector to finding locations loaded with unlimited treasure possibilities, and everything in between. Mark shows you how to get out there and claim your own share of treasure, be it gold, silver, meteorites, old coins, jewelry, or relics. What are you waiting for? Grab a copy today and start uncovering history, adventure, and treasure!


Mark Smith:
Mark Smith can typically be found trying to carefully remove a piece of hidden treasure from the ground. When not with his metal detector, he is busy researching his next hunt or sharing tips with people all over the world. His passion for recovering treasure comes through in his easy-to-read books that make treasure hunting as simple as possible. Mark is currently traveling the United States in search of lost treasure with his metal detector. His travels have taken him to some of the best metal detecting hunting grounds on the planet, and every day he learns more about what he calls the greatest hobby in the world: treasure hunting. When given a break, he resides in Montrose, Colorado.