Quick Hangover Cure - Mindful Meditation & Affirmations

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Quick Hangover Cure - Mindful Meditation & Affirmations

Joel Thielke, Joel Thielke


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Are hangover symptoms like headache, body ache,and dizziness keeping you from enjoying your day? Would you like a natural, soothing way to cure your hangover? Soothe your body and mind and get over your hangover with this healing mindful meditation program with affirmations.
This audiobook will help you soothe and heal your body and you get energized and feeling great. Powerful suggestions for deep relaxation and positive change will be received by your mind, deeply relaxing your body and mind, soothing your headache and body aches away, and helping you detox your mind and restore mental clarity and balance.
Benefits include:
- Cure hangover symptoms
- Mental clarity
- Better focus
- Deep body and mind relaxation
- Feel rejuvenated
- Feel refreshed
We recommend listening for 21 days in a row and then as needed. Can be listened to while awake or asleep, but please do not operate a moving vehicle while listening.
For more information or questions about other programs from Joel Thielke, please visit www.motivationalhypnotherapy.com