Stealing the Moon: A Woman's Quest to Heal the Shadow Self

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Stealing the Moon: A Woman's Quest to Heal the Shadow Self

Sienna Lea, Sienna Lea


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Experience the healing of radical disclosure as two courageous women engage in a paranormal adventure to unmask the shadows that bind us to a deep state fueled by womens tacit consent.
Through the eyes of Dr. Natalie Stern, ex-psychologist turned predator, we are taken back to Egypt, to a pharaoh and his queen who sought to bring beauty and enlightenment to their people. The demise of their noble-hearted experiment echoes down the halls of our collective past, imposing its distortions even now.
Journey with Dr. Natalie Stern as she encounters Nefertiti. The ancient queen has a dire warning that leads them on a Gaia-led voyage of soul reclamation. Bask in the wonder of these two brave women as they discover and articulate the reality hidden behind the dominator culture ruling our world.
Stealing the moon blazes a trail to move us beyond leadership based on shadow distortion into a culture based on love and radical self-responsibility.