Precision agriculture for sustainability

Precision agriculture for sustainability

Dr John Stafford, Prof Richard B. Ferguson, Dr R. Gebbers, Dr Chenghai Yang, Dr Chunhua Zhang


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Precision agriculture is based on the ability to identify inter and intra-field variability and to use this information for more targeted crop management. By using resources more efficiently, precision agriculture can make agriculture more productive and sustainable. This volume reviews the key elements of and advances in precision agriculture technology and applications.

Part 1 looks at monitoring techniques, including proximal soil and crop sensors and remote sensing technologies. The book then goes on to discuss how this information is processed to identify management zones and input targets as well as the delivery mechanisms required such as variable rate application and targeted spray technologies. The final part of the book surveys the wide range of applications of precision agriculture, from controlled traffic farming to site-specific nutrient and water management.

With its distinguished editor and international team of subject experts, this will be a standard reference for crop scientists and agronomists as well as all those concerned with improving the efficiency and sustainability of agriculture.