Proletarian Days

Proletarian Days

A Hippolyte Havel Reader

Hippolyte Havel, Nathan Jun, Barry Pateman


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The first collection of writings by Hippolyte Havel, a figure at the center of New York's turn-of-the-century political and artistic circles.

A prolific writer and tireless activist, Havel (1871–1950) contributed dozens of articles, essays, and reviews to anarchist periodicals, including Emma Goldman's Mother Earth. His influence on several writers, artists, and intellectuals (e.g., Eugene O'Neill, Joseph Stieglitz, Sadakichi Hartmann, etc.) helped shape American modernism. Proletarian Days renews his legacy and demonstrates his influence on international revolutionary politics, the development of modern art and literature, and the culture of twentieth-century America.

Featuring an introduction by historian Barry Pateman.