Sydney Brenner's 10-on-10

Sydney Brenner's 10-on-10

The Chronicles of Evolution

Shuzhen Sim, Benjamin Seet


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Humans now wield a greater influence on the planet than any other species in history, and human-developed technologies like genetic engineering and artificial intelligence stand poised to overtake biological evolution. Just how did we arrive at this unique moment in human history, 14 billion years after the birth of the universe Sydney Brenner's 10-on-10: The Chronicles of Evolution brings together 24 prominent scientists and thinkers to trace the story of evolution through ten logarithmic scales of time. Through expert insights, this unique volume considers how humans found our place in the cosmos, and imagines what lies ahead.

Published by Wildtype Books and distributed by World Scientific Publishing Co.

  • Life In The Habitable Zone (John D Barrow)
  • From Clay To The Code Of Life (Hyman Hartman)
  • Stepping Up To Life (Jack W Szostak)
  • When Cells Get Creative (Giulia Rancati and Norman Pavelka)
  • Finding Strength In Numbers (Detlev Arendt)
  • There And Back Again (Per Ahlberg)
  • Conquest Of The Land And Sea (Byrappa Venkatesh)
  • A Salute To Our Placoderm Pioneers (John A Long)
  • Warming Up To Mammals (Harris Lewin)
  • All In The Family (Francis Thackeray)
  • Lessons From Our Inner Neanderthal (Svante Pääbo)
  • Wired For Intelligence (Terrence Sejnowski)
  • Getting Smart About Learning (Atsushi Iriki)
  • More Than Just Small Talk (Tecumseh Fitch)
  • The Logic Of Cultural Evolution (Roland Fletcher)
  • Going With The (Information) Flow (Sander van der Leeuw)
  • Lingo With A Life Of Its Own (N J Enfield)
  • How We Became Modern (W Brian Arthur)
  • The Creative Destruction Of Evolution (Stefan Thurner)
  • The Challenge Of The Anthropocene (J Stephen Lansing)
  • Difficult Questions In Evolution (Eörs Szathmáry)
  • An Evolving View On Evolution (Gerd B Müller)
  • The Humble View From Inside Evolution (Helga Nowotny)
  • Epilogue (Sydney Brenner)

Readership: Science enthusiasts, history buffs, students, educators, scientists, social scientists, researchers.