Shattered, Broken Restored by Grace

Shattered, Broken Restored by Grace

Mary's Story of the Amazing Power of Forgiveness

Tracy Liller


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This book will have a wide range of interested readers. It has a strong God-faith based element for Christian bookstores, as well as the Amish community. It has a story line that will appeal to all ages and is written in an easy to understand format for young readers as well. Many will relate to the traumatic auto accident while others empathize with the abusive background of the author.

There will be those who have wronged others and seek forgiveness, and still others who have been wronged needing to forgive. The life lessons in this simple book far outreach what any of us can really foresee. Law enforcement officers will enjoy the realities of the job they are tasked with on a daily basis being portrayed, and courtroom employees will as well. Medical professionals will relate to the organized chaos of the trauma unit. Parents, grandparents, and children can all put themselves in the place of one losing a family member. People everywhere in every walk of life think “That could’ve been me” in many of the scenarios occurring in this book making it extremely relatable to everyone. The uplifting ending leaves its readers on an emotional high wishing to read it again and again.


Tracy Liller:

The author is a Christian mother of biological and adopted children. She and her husband have opened their home to many children and teens through the years. Since this incident detailed in this book, she has had many public speaking events and continually shares her story. Her life has been inundated with abuse and trauma, including the murder of her brother and death of an infant son, which have proven to strengthen her resolve and faith in God.