The End of Breast Cancer

The End of Breast Cancer

A Virus and the Hope for a Vaccine

Kathleen T. Ruddy


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Can a mouse virus cause breast cancer in women? Answering that question has become Dr. Kathleen Ruddy's life’s work. The End of Breast Cancer is the landmark book that gives an extraordinary glimpse into the history of breast cancer research, and the findings that support the theory that the virus that causes breast cancer in mice, and has also been found in rats, cats, dogs, and monkeys plays a significant role in 40-94% of human breast cancer. Researchers contend that we are one step away from having final proof of this. Once we know the cause, then we can move forward to develop a preventative vaccine.

The first and only breast cancer specialist to compile this encyclopedic research in one volume, Dr. Ruddy writes: “If there’s a virus that causes breast cancer, and a safe and effective vaccine that can prevent this disease, we need to know about it now, not in another 100 years.” The End of Cancer represents the culmination of Ruddy’s research findings and the breakthroughs that are happening every day to unravel the mystery. We may well witness in our lifetimes the eradication of breast cancer.


Kathleen T. Ruddy:
Kathleen T. Ruddy, MD, is one of doctors on the leading edge of research into the causes of breast cancer. Dr. Ruddy trained at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. She was Founder and Medical Director of the Breast Service for Barnabas Health Center, is the founder of the Breast Health & Healing Foundation, and is an esteemed member of the Leadership Council of the Harvard School of Public Health. She lives in Madison, New Jersey.