The Many Faces of Home Birth

The Many Faces of Home Birth

25 Honest, Firsthand Accounts from Parents around the World

Shantel Silbernagel


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With limited resources for hopeful home birth parents, the unknowns can feel overwhelming. The Many Faces of Home Birth fills that void for knowledge by providing a rare glimpse into the private moments of twenty-five unique and modern home births from around the world. With honesty, humor, and confidence, these personal narratives and shared experiences leave readers with the understanding that home birth isn’t just for one type of woman.

Through this exciting collection of personal narratives, The Many Faces of Home Birth sheds light on the varied and fascinating experiences of women choosing home birth. Anyone even remotely interested in home birth will want to pull up a chair and witness one of the most intimate moments in each family’s life. From the Redwoods of California to a converted cowshed in Ireland, readers will be not only entertained but also exposed to how home birth really looks, feels, and sounds. Expectant parents will come away with a deep understanding and sense of security that if others have done this, they can too.


Shantel Silbernagel:
Shantel Silbernagel hung up her teaching hat after five fulfilling years to fully commit to writing a positive, encouraging book for any woman interested in home birth. Little did she know she would strike a chord with hundreds of women from around the world who were eager to share and hear positive home birth stories. Shantel had all three of her children at home, and knows all too well the stereotypes that go with that choice. Her goal is to shatter those preconceived notions with positivity, inclusiveness, and honesty. She resides in Vancouver, Washington.